Selected Publications

Journal Articles  

  • Ching-Fu Lin, “Beyond State v. Loomis: Artificial Intelligence, Government Algorithmization, and Accountability,” 27(2) International Journal of Law and Information Technology (2019) (with Han-Wei Liu & Yu-Jie Chen). [full text 1; full text 2]
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “The Emergence of ASEAN Regional Food Safety Governance: Structure, Substance, and Context,” 74(1) Food and Drug Law Journal 80-109 (2019). [link]
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “’Rule of Trust’: Powers and Perils of China’s Social Credit Megaproject,” 32(1) Columbia Journal of Asian Law 1-36 (2018) (with Yu-Jie Chen & Han-Wei Liu). [full text]
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “The Emergence of Global Regulatory Coherence: A Thorny Embrace for China?,” 40(1) University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law 133-188 (2018) (with Han-Wei Liu). [full text 1; full text 2]
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “Regulatory Rationalization Clauses in FTAs: A Complete Survey of the US, EU, and China,” 19(1) Melbourne Journal of International Law 149 (2018) (with Han-Wei Liu). [full text]
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “Artificial Intelligence Law and Policy: A Preliminary Mapping of Issues,” 274 Taiwan Law Review 195 (2018) (with Han-Wei Liu) [in Chinese].
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “Book Review: Francis Snyder, Food Safety Law in China: Making Transnational Law,” 34 Chinese (Taiwan) Yearbook of International Law & Affairs 224 (2017). [link]
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “A Preliminary Analysis of the Import Safety Regulatory Framework under the United States Food Safety Modernization Act,” 47(3) EurAmerica 345 (2017) (「美國食品安全現代化法淺析:以進口食品監管制度為中心」,歐美研究,第47卷第3期,2017年 : in Chinese) [full text].
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “Assessing the Relative Influence and Efficacy of Public and Private Food Safety Regulation Regimes: Comparing Codex and GlobalGAP Standards,” 72(2) Food and Drug Law Journal 262 (2017) (with Sam Halabi). [full text]
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “Outsource Power, Import Safety?  Challenges and Opportunities of the US-China Food Safety Regulatory Cooperation,” 72(1) Food and Drug Law Journal 32 (2017). [full text]
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “Toward a More Rounded Strategy to Eliminate Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products,” 51(2) Journal of World Trade 265 (2017). [full text]
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “Toward a Bottom-up SPS Cooperation: An Analysis of Regulatory Convergence in Food Safety Regimes,” 8(1) Trade, Law & Development 29 (2016) (with Mengyi Wang). [link]
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “China Food Law Update: The 2015 Food Safety Law and Social Governance on Food Safety,” 12(2) Journal of Food Law and Policy 238-63 (2016) (with Michael T. Roberts). [full text]
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “Public-Private Interactions in Global Food Safety Governance,” 69(2) Food and Drug Law Journal 143-60 (2014). [full text]
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “Scientification of Politics and Politicization of Science: Reassessing the Limits of International Food Safety Lawmaking,” 15 Columbia Science & Technology Law Review 1-40 (2013). [full text]
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “SPS-Plus and Bilateral Treaty Network: A ‘Global’ Solution to the Global Food Safety Problem?” 29(4) Wisconsin International Law Journal 694-734 (2012). [full text]
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “Global Food Safety: Exploring Key Elements for an International Regulatory Strategy,” 51(3) Virginia Journal of International Law 637-96 (2011). [full text]
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “Filling in the Gaps of the TRIPS Agreement: Reflections on the Taiwan-Philips CD-R Compulsory License Case,” 3(2) Asian Journal of WTO & International Health Law and Policy 557-88 (2008). [full text]

Book Chapters

  • Ching-Fu Lin, “Ploughing away Capacity Constraints in Global Agri-food Trade,” in Building Legal Capacity for a More Inclusive Globalization: Barriers to and Best Practices for Integrating Developing Countries into Global Economic Regulation (Joost Pauwelyn & Mengyi Wang eds., 2019) (with Mengyi Wang). [link]
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “E-Cigarette Regulation in Taiwan and China,” in Regulating E- cigarettes: International, European and National Legal Challenges (Lukasz Gruszczynski ed., Edward Elgar, forthcoming 2019) (with Chuan-Feng Wu & Mao-wei Lo).
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “Constitutional and Legal Dimensions of the Right to Food in Taiwan: A Long March Toward Normative Internalization and Realization,” in Taiwan and International Human Rights: A Story of Transformation  (Jerome A. Cohen, William P. Alford, and Chang-fa Lo eds.) (Springer, forthcoming 2018). [link]
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “Governing Science and Technology in the Era of Megaregionals,” in Governing Science and Technology under the International Economic Order: Regulatory Divergence and Convergence in the Age of Megaregionals (Shin-yi Peng et al. eds.) (Edward Elgar, 2018) (with Shin-yi Peng & Han-Wei Liu). [link]
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “Mega-regional Transformation of Global Food Safety Governance: Normative Roots and Ramifications,” in Governing Science and Technology under the International Economic Order: Regulatory Divergence and Convergence in the Age of Megaregionals (Shin-yi Peng et al. eds.) (Edward Elgar, 2018). [full text]
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “Culture-oriented Mode 4 under ChAFTA: Policy Considerations,” in The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement: A 21st-Century Model 127 (Colin Picker et al. eds., Hart Publishing, 2017) (with Shin-yi Peng & Han-Wei Liu). [link]
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “The Role of the World Health Organization in Global Food Safety Governance:  A Preliminary Mapping of Its Normative Capacities and Activities,” in International Food Law and Policy 51 (Gabriella Steier & Kiran Patel eds., Springer, 2016). [full text]
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “The Limit of Regulatory Borrowing: ‘Cocktail Therapy’ Reforms of Food Safety Law in Taiwan,” in Legal Thoughts between the East and the West in the Multilevel Legal Order 409 (Chang-fa Lo et al. eds., Springer, 2016). [full text]
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “Mapping a Meta-framework for Global Food Safety Governance: National, International and Transnational Dimensions,” in Food Safety and Quality Law: A Transnational Perspective (Vera Parisio ed., Giappichelli, 2016). [full text]
  • Ching-Fu Lin,“The Emergence and Influence of Transnational Private Regulation of Food Safety,” in Food and Drug Regulation in an Era of Globalized Markets (Sam Halabi ed., Elsevier, 2015). [full text]
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “The European Food Safety Authority in Global Food Safety Governance: A Participant, a Benchmark, and a Model,” in Foundations of EU Food Law and Policy: Ten Years of the European Food Safety Authority (Alberto Alemanno & Simone Gabbi eds., Ashgate 2014). [full text]

Books & Edited Volumes

  • Shin-yi Peng, Han-Wei Liu & Ching-Fu Lin eds., Governing Science and Technology under the International Economic Order: Regulatory Divergence and Convergence in the Age of Megaregionals (Edward Elgar, 2018). [link]

Other Publications

  • Ching-Fu Lin, “Disruptive Technologies and Sustainable Development: Implications for Southeast Asia,” ICTSD Research Paper (Nov. 30, 2018) (with Han-Wei Liu). [link]
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “Behavioral Economics, Law, and Health Policy: Keynote by Cass Sunstein,” Bill of Health (Harvard Law School, May 2, 2014).
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “The Future of ‘Country of Origin’ Labeling Regulations,” Bill of Health (Harvard Law School, Apr 8, 2014).
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “China Issues 2014-2020 Development Blueprint on Food and Nutrition,” Bill of Health (Harvard Law School, Mar 27, 2014).
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “FDA’s Draft Methodological Approach to Identifying High-Risk Foods,” Bill of Health (Harvard Law School, Mar 6, 2014).
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “Peter Barton Hutt on the Food Safety Modernization Act in Historical Perspective,” Bill of Health (Harvard Law School, Feb 24, 2014).
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “The Impact of FSMA Import Rules on Domestic Suppliers,” Bill of Health (Harvard Law School, Jan 23, 2014).
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “Challenges to Third-Party Food Safety Audits and Certification,” Bill of Health (Harvard Law School, Dec 5, 2013).
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “FSMA Proposed Rule on Accreditation of Third-Party Auditors,” Bill of Health (Harvard Law School, Nov 21, 2013).
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “FDA Food Safety Modernization Act Might Raise Trade Concerns?” Bill of Health (Harvard Law School, Nov 6, 2013).
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “Taking China’s Food Safety Problem Seriously (II),” Bill of Health (Harvard Law School, Oct 11, 2013).
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “Taking China’s Food Safety Problem Seriously (I),” Bill of Health (Harvard Law School, Oct 10, 2013).
  • Ching-Fu Lin, “Food Safety Regulatory Cooperation in the US-EU Free Trade Pact,” Bill of Health (Harvard Law School, Sep 11, 2013).
  • [Chinese Edition Translation] Teaching Ethics in Psychiatry: Case Vignettes (A. Carmi, D. Moussaoui & J. Arboleda-Floerz eds.), UNESCO Chair in Bioethics (2008).